Midnight Reynolds and the Phantom Circus (Book 3)

Twelve-year-old Midnight Reynolds is a middle-school student who works undercover for the Agency of Spectral Protection, helping ghosts cross over into the afterlife and saving her town from mishaps involving spectral energy. Now school’s out for the summer, and Midnight and her best friend Tabitha just want to have fun. But their plans are interrupted when a mysterious traveling circus and a ghostly ringmaster come to town. As people start getting hurt, Midnight finds herself in the middle of her most deadly mission yet. Someone’s stealing spectral energy from the living! Can they be stopped before it’s too late?

Available 1st September 2019

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Midnight Reynolds and the Agency of Spectral Protection (Book 2)

Twelve-year-old Midnight Reynolds has a huge secret—she’s a spectral protector, someone who helps ghosts cross over into the afterlife. Alongside her best friend Tabitha, Midnight is busy juggling the wilds of middle school with her undercover ghost-hunting job. When mysterious and dangerous robberies start happening in their small town, all signs point to some sort of spectral manipulation, and Midnight’s boss asks her to take over the investigation. Can Midnight find the culprit and stop them before the spectral energy endangers their town?This series has twists and turns galore for budding mystery lovers, all seen through the lens of a lovable and smart heroine. And the positive female friendships and hysterical writing will keep series fans coming back for more.


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The Reviews

“Spread sheet-wielding spectral protector Midnight Reynolds is back in the sophomore installment of this paranormal-mystery series…Another winner.” Kirkus



Midnight Reynolds and the Spectral Transformer (Book 1)

When twelve year-old misfit Midnight Reynolds takes a job helping out eccentric Miss Appleby in the mansion down the street, she never imagined her work would involve battling ghosts. But as it turns out, Midnight and her new employer have quite a bit in common—they were both born on Halloween and have the power to see spirits of the dead. But when Midnight learns more about the history of her town, she starts to wonder if she’s fighting on the right side.


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The Reviews

STARRED REVIEW – “A noteworthy new paranormal mystery, this is the first book of a new series. In it Midnight Reynolds learns she can see spectral energy due to being born at midnight on Halloween. She takes a job from and joins forces with her older neighbour, Miss Appleby, to trap the spectral energy that abounds in her new hometown of Berry. Throughout all of this Midnight is also living a regular preteen life: navigating the social waters at school, trying to keep up with homework, and figuring out her changing family.  Along the way Midnight realises that all is not what it seems with Miss Appleby and teams up with her new friend Tabitha to figure it it all out and set things right. The characters in the story are well developed and interesting. Children will be quickly drawn into the fast-paced and funny story. Overall this is an excellent book that will keep children engaged and leave then wanting to know what happens next to midnight Reynolds. ” School Library Connection, Highly Recommended

“Midnight Reynolds has always felt like an outsider: from her unusual name and her family’s poverty to her obsessive reliance on spreadsheets to keep her life organized. When Midnight moves to a new town and becomes friends with the two most popular girls in school, she finally feels welcome. The only problem: the 12-year-old white girl’s privileged new friends like to shop, and they’ll likely dump Midnight if they find out she’s broke. Midnight gets a job assisting sweet Miss Appleby. But Miss Appleby doesn’t need help with household chores; the middle-aged white woman wants Midnight to help her hunt ghosts. Because she was born at midnight on Oct. 31, Midnight has a supernatural gift: she can see ghosts—spectral energy. When someone dies, their spectral energy passes to the Afterglow, but an insidious phenomenon called a black stream is transferring the energy to inanimate objects. Armed with a device called a spectral transformer, Midnight retrieves the trapped energy so it can be safely disposed of. The job isn’t as straightforward as it seems, and Midnight soon faces a problem even the most sophisticated spreadsheet can’t fix. Hunting and trapping spectral energy fills the highly likable Midnight with a sense of pride and bravado she’s never felt before, easing her struggles to fit in at school and to cope with her mother’s impending remarriage. Old-fashioned spooky fun.” Kirkus 

“New to West Virginia, 12-year-old Midnight is grateful to have a couple of popular friends, and she knows enough to keep her distance from Tabitha, a classmate described as “antisocial.” Since Midnight’s birthday, she’s occasionally noticed flickering lights and a buzzing noise that no one seems to perceive, no one except Miss Appleby, a middle-aged neighbor. Explaining that people born at midnight on Halloween (as they both were) can sense “spectral energy,” she hires Midnight as her assistant ghost-hunter. The money is good, but something is amiss, and the danger is mounting. When Tabitha offers to help, Midnight gratefully accepts. This chapter book may not have a strong sense of place, but it offers a fast-paced ride with a few surprises. Just when readers are lulled into thinking that they understand what’s happening, they may be blindsided by a plot twist or two that they just didn’t see coming. The first book of a planned series by Holt, who also writes YA fiction under the name Amanda Ashby.” Booklist

“Midnight Reynolds has enough on her plate. Burdened with an unusual name and a Halloween birthday, the 12-year-old is also juggling a new home and school, high-maintenance friends, and her mother’s impending marriage to Phil, the oh-so-embarrassing Viking reenactor. Midnight has no time to deal with the undead. But keeping up with her popular friends is expensive, so she is delighted when her neighbor, old Mrs. Appleby, offers her a job—until she discovers Mrs. Appleby expects her to hunt ghosts. She informs the dismayed girl that individuals born at midnight on Halloween possess the unique ability to see “spectral energy,” or ghosts. Mrs. Appleby wants Midnight to keep their town clear of ghosts while she is incapacitated with a broken ankle. Initially reluctant, Midnight eventually agrees, learning to use the spectral transformer to capture the evil spirits. The demands of her new responsibility soon affect her social life, and she sees her chance at popularity slipping away. Luckily, classmate Tabitha (who loves librarians, research, and archives) turns out to be a loyal friend and helps Midnight uncover the spooky truth. Midnight is a likable character, filled with anxiety, determination, and initiative. Her internal struggle between wanting to be popular and remaining true to herself is well developed and adds depth to the gently suspenseful ghost-busting plot. Midnight eventually realizes that she has people in her life she can truly count on, and the ending promises future adventures. VERDICT A great choice for young readers who clamor for slightly scary books.” School Library Journal